Tom Girvan

Edmonton’s Downtown Enrichers

Edmonton City Centre is proud to be a collaborator within Edmonton’s downtown. As the largest group of retailers (80+ stores) and business tenants (TD Tower, 102A Tower, Centre Point Place) we are passionate about all of downtown, the people, residents, businesses, workers, commuters, shoppers, tourists. This series is our way of reflecting on some of the people that are making a difference in your downtown and enriching the community with the work they do. We hope you enjoy the series.

Tom Girvan – Downtown Vibrancy and SAFE CITY

Tom Girvan is the Director, Downtown Vibrancy and Safe City for the City of Edmonton. He leads the Downtown Vibrancy Strategy, focusing on supporting a vibrant downtown in collaboration with community partners, organizations and businesses with a vested interest in its future.


  1. Can you share the vision and practical steps being taken of  Downtown Vibrancy

We want to increase the number of people downtown to live, work, play and visit. To accomplish this, we’re focused on  collaboration with groups with a vested interest in downtown Edmonton including businesses, property owners and organizations like the Edmonton Downtown Business Association (EDBA). To support these efforts, we’ve been provided a $5 million annual budget until 2026.

It’s important to consider our downtown serves several different groups that are looking for different but overlapping experiences; downtown residents, tourists, downtown workers, each have a vested interest in a vibrant downtown.

  1. Downtowns are exciting but can have challenges and in the last 3 years they have become more evident. How do you think Edmonton and its leadership are adapting. What’s working?

Yes, downtowns across North America are facing  challenges, largely due to the pandemic, so we are not alone. In Edmonton there is a real sense of collaboration and input from multiple stakeholders, who are committed to supporting downtown. The City is committed to a safe and vibrant downtown and has provided dedicated resources and funding to support that. While we recognize there is more work ahead, progress is being made and we’re seeing an increase in the number of people downtown for many reasons.

  1. What do you think is the impact of developments like Ice District and the upcoming Station Lands within the downtown community?

Investments like Station Lands and Ice District are transformational and help attract tens of thousands of people downtown for not only events, but also to work and live as is the case of Station Lands.

  1. How do you see the value of Edmonton City Centre as a downtown anchor property?

ECC is an integral part of our city’s downtown with its massive footprint and how it can be a tremendous resource to residents, tourists and office workers.  Edmonton City Centre offers a diverse mix of retail, restaurants and professional services that is critical to a vibrant downtown. There is a lot of new potential and opportunity for ECC that is really exciting for everyone who works, lives and visits our downtown.