Community Relations

Edmonton City Centre is dedicated to providing a welcoming, inclusive, safe environment for everyone who visits our shopping centre. We value the rich diversity of our growing Indigenous community and other diverse cultural groups in our City. We are committed, as individuals and as a company, to being active and engaged citizens and community members. Below are some of the initiatives Edmonton City Centre continues to undertake as part of our Community Action Plan.

Ongoing Education

  • We see education and training as an ongoing activity to ensure understanding and inclusion of all cultures within our city.
  • Cultural sensitivity training has been completed for all our employees and contract employees at Edmonton City Centre.
  • We are also actively seeking other education opportunities for our staff.

Community Relations

  • Edmonton City Centre is committed to working closely with other organizations in our community to make our community as safe, welcoming and inclusive as possible.
  • In order to embrace a more active role in the community, Edmonton City Centre is formulating a Wisdom Committee to work directly with us in a consultative role in building and maintaining positive community relations.
  • We will also work with neighbourhood organizations, and others, to identify community programs for Edmonton City Centre to support and become engaged in.

Employee Engagement

  • We will encourage team members to make use of their annual volunteer day to contribute to one of our community partners.

Edmonton City Centre is embracing this journey. We are listening to our stakeholders, our customers and to the broader community. Our commitments to the Indigenous community and other diverse cultural groups are purposefully designed to be flexible and evolve the way we operate and engage with the public to ensure everyone feels welcome, safe and valued. Our new expanded training approach will not only reinforce acceptable behaviour, it will make us better at the jobs we do. The newly created Edmonton City Centre Wisdom Committee will ensure that we are engaged, approachable, responsive and inclusive. We will focus on the good work we do in the community by encouraging all of our employees to use their annual community volunteer day to contribute to neighbourhood partners. Most of all, we respect that this is a journey for everyone, and we look forward to every step along the way.