Puneeta McBryan

Edmonton’s Downtown Enrichers

Edmonton City Centre is proud to be a collaborator within Edmonton’s downtown. As the largest group of retailers (80+ stores) and business tenants (TD Tower, 102A Tower, Centre Point Place) we are passionate about all of downtown; the people, residents, businesses, workers, commuters, shoppers, tourists. This series is our way of reflecting on some of the people that are making a difference in your downtown and enriching the community with the work they do. We hope you enjoy the series.

Puneeta McBryan is a marketer, business strategist, and the Executive Director at the Edmonton Downtown Business Association. A talented connector, Puneeta is working towards Edmonton’s economic recovery through collaborative efforts with partners and stakeholders to create a renewed, reimagined, and a vibrant downtown.

1. Are you from Edmonton or what brought you here?

Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, I was born in Dawson Creek and grew up in Grande Prairie before making the move to Edmonton in 2007 to attend the UofA.

2. If you couldn’t live in Edmonton, where would you live?

That’s a tough one, being so passionate about Edmonton, it’s difficult to choose, but at some point… definitely a tropical location!

3. What excites you about Edmonton’s downtown?

There is a lot! It’s not finished….there is still so much opportunity for developers and the city to build an engaging downtown. City Council has shown a commitment to continue redevelopment for both residential and businesses. Yes, there have been delays but zero cancellations. The LRT will open soon which will create new dynamics through accessibility.

4. Tell us about the work you are doing with Edmonton City Centre?

It’s collaborative for sure. Edmonton City Centre is the largest property in downtown and as such is the centrepiece. We are all excited to see what develops and how we can all work together to make downtown an exciting place to live, work and play!