To: All Tenants

From:  Edmonton City Centre Security Department

Subject: Theft Prevention Guidelines

Shoplifting is a major concern for all and while there is security equipment and personnel stationed throughout the property, each retailer should be mindful when it comes to making sure their company’s property and employee’s personal belongings are safe.

Consider implementing some of the following tips and guidelines for your space,

  • Review and reevaluate your current theft reduction strategies;
  • Follow your own company policies and procedures when it comes to theft – reach out to your respective corporate office for guidance and training;
  • Know the signs of a potential shoplifter;
  • Acknowledge each customer who comes into your space to let them know you are aware of their presence;
  • Avoid having unnecessary amounts of money in your register and do not make predictable trips to the bank – call Security 780-426-8441 for a Safe Walk to the bank;
  • Remove/rearrange fixtures or signs that can obstruct views of and from the register and your exit point – cover any blind spots using convex mirrors or cameras and invest in good lighting;
  • Never leave your valuable/personal items at work when you are not there and keep all valuables locked up when working;
  • Should you have a rear door to your space, ensure it is closed and unable to be opened from the exterior.

It is never wise to confront a shoplifter without the assistance of Security.  Please contact Central Services for Security assistance at 780-426-8441.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Susan Mancini, Manager, Security and Central Services at