To: All Retail Tenants

From: The Marketing Department

Subject: Upcoming Marketing Campaign Photo shoot

By now you may have seen the Phase 1 launch of our “Hello” campaign for ECC on our social/digital media channels and on in-mall signage.

We are working towards Phase 2 of the campaign and will be doing a photo shoot to capture images of model customers interacting with our retailers in the setting of your store.

The photo shoot is planned for the week of July 13 and we are calling for participation from a few of our retailers.

If you are interested in taking part in this marketing campaign photo shoot, please email Zaina Yusuf, Marketing Manager at by July 7, 2020.

To: All Retail Tenants

From: The Marketing Department

Subject: Window display space available

In an effort to assist our tenants with marketing to ECC shoppers, we have added a complimentary marketing opportunity for you to take advantage of.

We are looking for three retailers to showcase merchandise in the windows of the former Curated space, near the Manulife pedway, a highly visible area with increased foot traffic.

We will provide a black backdrop for you to create a vignette and you will stage your merchandise within that.

This is a first come first served opportunity. There are three slots available and we will aim to rotate this every two months to give new retailers a chance to showcase.

We will require you to submit a mock-up and description of what you will be showcasing, and your participation will be subject to the approval of The Marketing Department.

Please indicate your interest by Friday, July 10, 2020 by emailing Zaina Yusuf, Marketing Manager at