To: All Tenants

From: Susan Radford, Assistant Property Manager

Subject: Valley Line LRT Updates; Sidewalk Closure

Further to ongoing updates, please see the attached document in regards to the North pedestrian closure on 102 Avenue, between 100 Street and 100A Street on July 23 for approximately 12 weeks. Pedestrian access will be maintained on the South side of 102 Avenue between 100 Street and 100A Street, along with the crosswalk from Edmonton City Centre to Rice Howard Way.
Information document here: Sidewalk Closure 100-100A St

As a reminder, EPCOR Valley Line LRT Utility Relocation, specifically relating to the temporary sidewalk closure on 103 Street, will begin August 5 for approximately 4 weeks.

Should you have any questions or concerns about the Valley Line West LRT, contact the LRT Projects Information Centre at 780-496-4874 or email

For questions or concerns regarding EPCOR Utility Relocation work, please call 780-412-4040 or email


Susan Radford, Assistant Property Manager


To: All Tenants

From: Guest Experience Department

Subject: Merchant Swipes – Gift Card System Update

Our Gift Card Program provider American Express is transitioning their platform to a new system, which affects the entire Oxford Gift Card Plus program. Because of this change during the week of July 30, a representative from Oxford and/or Edmonton City Centre will be visiting your store, to do a test swipe to confirm that the ‘New’ Oxford Gift Card Plus is accepted and works properly.  The Oxford representative will also hand out materials detailing how to use the card with your POS machines.

These tests are essential to ensure the smooth transition from the old program to the new program.  Thank you in advance for your time.

Please ensure that your staff is aware and is able to assist them as needed.

  • If your establishment currently accepts American Express, the representative will perform the following – Use an Oxford Gift Card Plus to complete a transaction. We will be performing a penny test, during which we will attempt to approve a transaction for $0.01.  The purpose of this visit is to ensure all merchants are working under the new program.
  • If your establishment does not accept American Express currently, the representative will leave you with information on how to become an accepting merchant should this be of interest to you.

Under the new program Oxford Gift Cards will be available in denominations from $10 to $1000.

Thank you in advance for your patience and assistance during this transitional process.

For any further questions, please feel free to contact our team at any time:

  • Linda Kanash, Guest Experience Supervisor at 780-426-8473
  • Jason Caine, Guest Experience Programs Manager at 416-459-4114
  • Brianna DeRooy, Assistant Manager, Guest Experience Programs at 289-383-5343


Guest Experience Department