To: All Tenants

From: Susan Radford, Assistant Property Manager

Subject: URGENT – Exterior Fencing; NHL Hub City

Effective this afternoon, exterior fencing on 102 Street will be installed by the City of Edmonton in preparation for the NHL Hub City. This fencing is expected to remain in place for approximately 2 months.

The following map outlines the full area in which the fencing will be located, Fencing Map

Cars and foot traffic will be maintained on 103 Ave, however the 102 Street entrance to the West Parkade will be closed effective from this afternoon. Notice to all monthly parkers of the West Parkade and the West Preferred Parkade will be sent later today. Please use the 103 Street entry only for access to these parkades.

A Security Agent has been scheduled by the City of Edmonton to stand by the West Loading Dock and supply access as required so as not impact any tenant deliveries.

The Delta Hotel revolving door will remain out of service and will form part of the fenced walkway, as such, mall patrons and tenants are encouraged to utilize the handicap door next to the revolving door.

Signage will be placed in all areas shortly, and we thank you for your continued partnership while we work with the City of Edmonton and the NHL.



Edmonton City Centre

Susan Radford, Assistant Property Manager