To: All Tenants

From: The Marketing Department

Subject: Holiday List for 2019

Dear Valued Tenant

Happy New Year 2019. Attached please find the holiday listing for the year:

Please reference or print the above and we will also send reminders prior to each holiday as well.

Thank you.

Marketing Department


To: West Retail Tenants

From: Susan Radford, Assistant Property Manager

Subject: West Loading Dock Garbage Compactor

Please note, Oxford has received several reports of Tenant garbage being placed into a contract bin located in the West Parkade, which has been ordered by one Tenant exclusively.

As a friendly reminder, please refrain from using any contract bins and ensure garbage is being correctly disposed of in the Garbage Compactor located in the West Loading Dock.

Thank you for your continued partnership. Should you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact Susan Radford, Assistant Property Manager, at 780-426-8415 or

Thank you.


Susan Radford, Assistant Property Manager


To: All ECC Tenants

From: Pam Brown, Safety & Security Manager

Subject: Recover Edmonton – surveyors onsite

Dear Valued Tenant

Please be advised that there will be a team of ethnographers, researching, surveying and observing Edmonton City Centre and our patrons throughout the week until end of day, February 1.

This is for an Urban Wellness initiative we are part of called Recover Edmonton.

Here is some more information on the project:

We all know that the downtown of our City is facing challenges that affect all of us, sometimes putting us at odds with different groups and priorities.  The construction is never ending, the weather is too hot, too cold but rarely just right and the traffic is formidable. We are busy living our lives, paying our bills and caring for those we love.

And in amongst this all are the people who have little, may be on the streets or are just lonely.  These are our vulnerable community citizens.  They look to us as a community centre, shop here, eat here and visit with friends – if they have them.  There are the bad guys that loiter here for no real reason other than crime and disorder and are on their toes enough to disappear quickly when security or police arrive.  And there are the people in between, those who are disadvantaged and displaced and trying to make ends meet whether by begging or opportunistic theft.  They are not bad at heart (except maybe for the criminals) but they do create a perception of danger which in turn causes the rest of us to ignore them or not even see them.

Some will say that we are a shopping centre, a place of business, and not a social services agency but as a major player in the downtown community we have a role to play in keeping our customers and citizens safe. Security and policing cannot do that by themselves so we have teamed up with the City to see what other solutions may be available to us and do it with vibrancy and engagement in mind.

As a start to the City initiative they first asked…

What if… we used social innovation to improve Edmonton’s urban wellness?

Over the last year, the City of Edmonton has been working with residents, businesses and government to develop RECOVER, Edmonton’s Urban Wellness Plan.

This isn’t about replacing existing strategies, policies, programs or services. Instead, we’re focused on finding ways to better align and collaborate across different orders of government, social agencies, local businesses and the community.

Together, we’re building on what’s already working, using social innovation to co-design and test solutions that can improve the well-being of all Edmontonians.

Should you have any questions or concerns or if you want to learn more, please visit


Pam Brown, Safety & Security Manager