To: All Tenants

From: Edmonton City Centre Security Department

Subject: Personal Shopping Security Escort Program

Following the Alberta Government’s mandatory face mask mandate, it has become increasingly clear that there are many people who visit ECC that are legitimately exempt from this mandate and simply cannot wear a facial mask/shield due to medical and mental wellness conditions.  To accommodate those who are exempt from the face mask mandate, we would like to offer an acceptable level of support by way of implementing a Covid-19 Personal Shopping Security Escort to and from the tenant spaces to which the person will be visiting.

The exempt shopper will call ahead to the tenant(s) he/she wishes to visit to confirm the tenant will accept the shopper inside their space without the use of a face mask.  This confirmation will also be sent to the shopper in writing via letter or email by the tenant. It is the sole decision/discretion of each tenant to accept or decline this request of the shopper; each tenant must follow their own safety protocols.   Once acceptance has been granted and written confirmation has been received by the shopper, he/she will then contact our Guest Experience team to book a date and time prior to arrival and submit all particulars of his/her visit to be documented.  Time will be allocated to one- hour shopping sessions.  On the date and time of arrival booked by the shopper, a Security escort will meet the shopper at the pre-specified entrance and escort the shopper to the tenant(s) after he/she has checked in at our Guest Experience kiosk and shown written confirmation provided by the tenant(s).

Please be advised that there will be no shopping sessions being booked during the lunch hour period from noon to 1pm and there will be no walk-ins afforded this privilege; bookings and confirmations must be obtained by the shopper.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Susan Mancini, Manager, Security and Central Services at



Edmonton City Centre