To: All Tenants

From: Sarah Ricardo, Assistant Property Manager

Subject: Sprinkler Inspections and Fire Bell Testing


Please see the below dates and times for the sprinkler inspections and fire bell testing.


Sprinkler Inspections:

8:00am Wednesday, December 8th for East Anchor

8:00 am Thursday, December 9th for East Retail

8:00am Friday, December 10th for West Retail

9:00am Monday, December 13th and 8:00am Tuesday, December 14th for 102a Tower

8:00am Wednesday, December 15th and 8:00am Thursday, December 16th for TD Tower


Bells, Relays & Battery Testing:

9:00pm Wednesday, December 8th for 102a Tower

9:00pm Thursday, December 9th for TD Tower

9:00pm Friday, December 10th for East Retail and 12:00am for East Anchor

9:00am Saturday, December 11th for complete fire alarm inspection (including bells) at East and West Parkades

10:00am Sunday, December 12th for West Retail


Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Sarah Ricardo, Assistant Property Manager, directly at 587-340-4910 or



Edmonton City Centre

Sarah Ricardo, Assistant Property Manager