To: All Tenants

From: Susan Radford, Assistant Property Manager

Subject: Covid-19 Support Resource Sheet

Small businesses have been working hard throughout the pandemic to keep their doors open and employees on the payroll. To help businesses through this challenging time and to save jobs, the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy has been extended to June 2021. 

Edmonton City Centre encourages all tenants to refer to the below list of support available:

1.  Visit the Government’s COVID-19 Economic Response Plan website for information about supporting employees and businesses. Supports specific to businesses are listed below:

(a) The Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy– The Federal Government is covering up to 65% of an employee’s wages for qualifying eligible employers so that Small Businesses can keep their employees during these challenging times and avoid layoffs. Learn More Here:

(i) Wage Subsidy Application Page

(b) The Canada Emergency Rent Subsidy (CERS)provides a direct and easy-to-access rent and mortgage subsidy of up to 65% of eligible expenses to qualifying businesses, charities and non-profits. The new Lockdown Support will also provide an additional 25 per cent for those who have been subject to a lockdown under a mandatory public health order. Learn More Here:

(i) Rent Subsidy Application Page

(c) The Canada Emergency Business Account (CEBA)provides interest-free, partially forgivable, loans of up to $60,000, to small businesses and not-for-profits, that have experienced diminished revenues due to COVID-19 but face ongoing non-deferrable costs, such as rent, utilities, insurance, taxes and wages.  It has recently expanded CEBA to include an additional interest-free $20,000 loan, 50% of which would be forgivable if repaid by December 31, 2022.

(i) Learn more about CEBA:

2. Contact your local financial institution. Since most small businesses have a relationship with their local financial institution already, the financial sector has worked to increase their lending capacity to support you in this challenging time. They are an excellent first resource.

3. Consult the Canadian Business Resilience Network, a partnership between the Government and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce to help your business prepare, persevere and prosper through this crisis.

4. Check out the new PPE Supply Hub – Canadian businesses in need of personal protective equipment, and businesses looking to sell these supplies can go to this hub to connect.

5. Make the POST Promise to show employees and customers that you take COVID-19 prevention seriously by practicing key health and safety steps and maintain a safe workplace.

6. Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety – for a free online course to provide businesses with all the information they need to reopen safely.



Edmonton City Centre