To: All Tenants

From: Sarah Ricardo, Assistant Property Manager

Subject: 102A Plaza (Restoration Project)

Please be advised that EllisDon will be re-waterproofing our structure under the sidewalk and roadway along 102A Avenue.  The work entails removing the existing topping concrete/asphalt, fill, and membrane.  Replacing any delaminated portions on the structural slab with new concrete and rebar, applying a new membrane, and adding new fill and topping slab.

This project is to be done in four phases.  Phase 1 and a portion of phase 3 will be completed this year.  Remaining phases will be completed in 2022 between spring and fall.

Project Start Date:  August 16, 2021

Project End Date:  October 23, 2021

Impact to Property:  Phase 1 is the portion at the top of the entrance to the East Loading Dock and above our switchgear room on the concourse level.  The entrance to the loading dock will be closed during this construction scheduled to take place between August 23 (actual projected shutdown date of the ramp) to September 23 (30 days).  EllisDon is providing two flaggers to man the exit ramp for traffic control.  There will be signage posted at the top of the exit ramp and 101 Street intersection to notify drivers of the access to the loading dock and monthly parking.  Signage will also be posted at the top of the entrance ramp re-directing traffic to the exit ramp.  Jersey barriers and fencing will be placed around the worksite at the entrance ramp. There will be little impact to the property during phase 3 other than the sidewalk closure.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Sarah Ricardo, Assistant Property Manager, directly at 587-340-4910 or


Edmonton City Centre