To: All Tenants

From: Susan Radford, Assistant Property Manager

Subject: LRT and Construction Updates

Following on from previous communication, please take note of the below updates as they pertain to the Valley Line Southeast and West LRT construction and Jasper Avenue construction.

Valley Line Southeast


  • Line will run 13km from Mill Woods to ECC West Retail;
  • 11 street-level stops;
  • One elevated station with a 1,300-spot park and ride facility at Wagner Industrial area;
  • New Tawatinâ Bridge across the river;
  • Tunnel from the north of the River Valley through to the Quarters redevelopment;
  • Interchange point at Churchill Square to access existing Metro and Capital LRT lines.


  • In 2020, rail was laid, poles for overhead wire were installed and the stops were constructed. A large portion of the work was focused between the Quarters area and ECC;
  • Majority of the public art installations at the stops were fitted during the winter months;
  • A resilient tracker was installed near Winspear/Citadel Theatre to prevent noise and vibration as it approaches the downtown core;
  • All 26 trains are now at the Operations and Maintenance facility in Edmonton;
  • TransEd will be maintaining the line for the next 30 years;
  • Earlier this month, the overhead catenary system wires were installed and some portions have already been energized. Please treat all wires as energized;
  • Train testing is currently underway along 66 St and will progressively move towards the downtown area;
  • It is estimated that the completion of the line will be Fall/Winter 2021;
  • Over the coming months, the downtown area will see road work, finishing of the stops, testing and commissioning activities, and landscaping.
  • Virtual Spring Open House for the Southeast line (Downtown) is being held on April 19th. Should you wish to register, please see attached link, Virtual Spring Open Houses_Downtown

Valley Line West


  • 14km line between ECC West Retail and Lewis Farms estates;
  • In addition to the ECC stop, there will be 14 street-level stops;
  • Park and Ride facility at Lewis Farms;
  • Two elevated stations at Misericordia Hospital and West Edmonton Mall;
  • In October 2020, City of Edmonton selected Marigold Infrastructure Partners as the preferred proponent to design, build and partially finance the West line.


  • Marigold is preparing for construction along the LRT route;
  • Majority of the preliminary work involves drilling to check ground conditions. This will be a moving work zone, moving from site-to-site along the alignment;
  • Edmonton City Centre is an active member of the Community Working Groups for this line.

Jasper Avenue – New Vision


  • This project is to restore and improve Jasper Ave, including wider sidewalks, enhanced street furniture and plantings, new street and pedestrian lighting and a full roadway reconstruction;
  • Phase I of construction took place between 100 Street and 102 Street in 2013.


  • Phase II is currently underway between 97 Street and 100 Street with completion anticipated next year;
  • City of Edmonton has completed concept planning from 92 Street to 96 Street, and from 102 Street to 109 Street. Timing has not yet been determined.

Jasper Avenue – Imagine


  • This project will revitalize the roadway from 109 Street to 124 Street and aims to restore and elevate the area in a similar way to the New Vision project.


  • Work began last year and currently, Jasper Avenue from 109 Street to 111 Street is reduced to a single lane in each direction to accommodate construction. Reduced traffic is expected to remain until October 31, 2021.

For both Jasper Avenue projects, please see the display board at



Edmonton City Centre