Breakout – Solo Exhibition

Translating personal experience into the surreal and bizarre, Hanny Khoury confronts our human condition.

Hanny Khoury is a Palestinian born, Edmonton based outsider artist whose work has recently caught the attention of the artistic community in the Levant. After years of self-training, tutelage under admired realists, and even two years spent homeless in Jerusalem, Khoury struck on his own surrealist style. Good fortune found him in 2019 when Khoury’s work was offered a private exhibition in Banksy’s new project, The Walled Off Hotel, which opened right next to the border wall in Bethlehem in 2017. The success of Khoury’s solo exhibit led to overnight acclaim, extending an extra month as collectors from across the middle east came to purchase his work.

“Breakout” solo exhibition by Hanny Al Khoury will open to the public this Saturday, September 26th in Edmonton City Centre on Pedway Level across from RBC and beside Boulevard Diamonds.

Thanks to Modern Luxuria for putting this exhibit together!

Photo Credit: Tatyana Semenova