Boulevard Diamonds

Featured in – Modern Luxuria Vol 9 February 2021

“The entire process was made easier because I knew I was going to Rina. I was going to Boulevard Diamonds and that was it.” – Derek Van Dusen


Seven years ago, a local makeup artist was in need of a Band t-shirt for an evening out with some girlfriends and she knew the perfect person for the borrow. It’s been a slow burn ever since for Edmonton couple, Amber Prepchuk and Derek Van Dusen. This past July, Derek turned up the heat with a ring and a proposal for his unrivaled. Fortunately for Derek, deciding where to purchase the ring was set in stone. Amber and her close circle of friends have a relationship years in the making with the downtown jewellery store, Boulevard Diamonds. A family-owned business with 20 years in the industry, owner Rina Thaver confirms that it’s these types of connections that solidify their business and reputation in the city. It’s the familiarity with their customers that builds up over the years and when these monumental moments happen, Boulevard Diamonds is prepared.

With a sense of ease and confidence, Derek worked seamlessly with Thaver to customize an engagement ring befitting his future bride. It was a thoughtful and heartfelt process throughout. A modern groom carving out his own path with one important criteria – he would spare no expense to ensure that this romantic gesture be made with a responsibly and ethically mined Maple Leaf Diamond. This request is one that Thaver is seeing more of in an effort to invest in Canadiana. It was evident that the couple would begin creating a life together with a clear conscience. What was finalized is nothing short of breathtaking – a customized statement piece showcasing the Canadian centre stone. It’s a contemporary take with the feeling of a family heirloom, of a love that has spanned not years, but centuries.

With time seemingly at a standstill, there is no wedding date as of yet. This couple is perfectly content to wait for their exceptional love fest and are, rather, looking to this time as a blessing. “We don’t need to make a decision right now about anything. There’s no rush. We’re just enjoying the moment.”