Booster Mix’rs

Stay cool and refreshed this summer with the Sip Series from Booster Juice. Introducing Booster Mix’rs, five thirst quenching pick-me-ups that are sure to brighten up your day.

Almighty Açai, a glorious combination of açai, blueberries, and vanilla oat beverage.

Berry Teazer, a delightful fusion of passion fruit, guava, orange juice, green tea, and blueberries.

Game, Set, Matcha, an inviting mix of matcha, honey, and vanilla oat beverage.

Mango Teazer, a superb pairing of pineapple juice, green tea, and mangos.

And Oranges ‘n Cream, a dreamy blend of orange juice, frozen vanilla yogurt, and vanilla oat beverage. Mix it up next time you visit Booster Juice, try one of our Booster Mix’rs today!

Booster Juice - Booster Mix’rs