National Indigenous History Month

National Indigenous History Month is a time for acknowledging, learning about, and appreciating the immeasurable contributions of First Nations, Inuit and Métis have made and continue to make today.⁠

We will have several events and art installations throughout ECC for all visitors to enjoy. This June, we are working in partnership with iHuman Youth Society. Donations made by customers throughout the month at either Guest Services or our events, will be matched by Edmonton City Centre, up to $10,000.

iHuman Youth Society is a nonprofit that works with marginalized young people ages 12 to 24. They provide programs in the arts, including painting, music, and fashion. They also provide support in mental health, caregiving, and more, in order to amplify creative expression, address needs, and support goals that privilege young voices. Click here to learn more about iHuman.

art by John ‘JCat’ Cardinal @jcat.cardinal 

Join us for our free events in Edmonton City Centre, all located on West Street Level near the Delta Hotel. There are tons of prizes to be won, performances to enjoy, murals and marketplaces to peruse, workshops to participate in and more!


Wednesday, June 15

Indigenous Performance Showcase and Marketplace


Performances 11:30am-1pm

Featuring Darrell Brertton Jr.


Monday, June 20

National Indigenous People’s Day hosted by Government of Alberta Indigenous Relations



Friday, June 24

Indigenous Performance Showcase, Workshop and Marketplace


Performances 5-7pm

Featuring Chubby Cree and Creeasian

John ‘JCat’ Cardinal

This month we have been working with @jcat.cardinal on the art throughout the Centre to bring awareness to National Indigenous History Month. John “JCat” Cardinal is an emerging talent in Canada’s Indigenous contemporary art and design scene.

A member of Whitefish Lake Cree Nation in Alberta, JCat’s work draws from his deep understanding of contemporary style and merges with techniques and elements from Graffiti, Tattoo, and Anime. His wide-ranging portfolio includes stunning custom clothing fashioned from vintage, thrifted and new garments, and intricately detailed art pieces using paint markers to create vibrant colours and bold lines. Informed by contemporary life, his work often uses elements inspired by his traditional roots and culture.

Esâwa Gifts

We are excited to announce that Esâwa Gifts will be joining us in Edmonton City Centre for the month of June as an Indigenous owned pop-up on Street Level next to Delta Hotel.

Esâwa Gifts is a proud family owned business that is truly passionate about local First Nations art. Their goal is to take this beautiful work and create a demand for First Nations art which helps support and revive a diminishing artistic community unique to northern Canada.

Explore their gallery of eclectic collections of popular and rare gifts including local first nations art, hide and fur clothing, beautiful jewellery, hand-crafted birch bark products, interesting, detailed collectibles, fresh, and colourful flowers.